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This information is for those who have been invited to speak at a Red Pill event.


Red Pill Expo is based on the Red-Pill meme popularized by the sci-fi movie, The Matrix. Its purpose is two-fold: (1) Dispel the illusions that prevent mankind from achieving optimum freedom, health, and life fulfillment and (2) Forge a global coalition for the advancement of that goal.


All event executives and other decision makers are volunteers. We do not receive salaries or participate in profits. Speakers also are volunteers, even though many of them are professionals who normally receive honoraria. We all donate our time and talent because we want to be part of this movement and help it succeed.


All Speakers receive:
(1) A free exhibit table upon request and a complimentary VIP ticket to the event with an additional ticket for a companion upon request. Primary meals during the event are covered by this ticket.

(2) A still image of speaker’s personal or commercial message (prepared by speaker) will be projected on screen during program interludes.

(3) Mention of speaker’s web-site links during presentation will be embedded in the Red Pill University Archives where online replays will be accessed in perpetuity.

Academic Speakers – Those who have nothing to monetize except their own books or recordings – receive commercial transportation for one person and hotel accommodations for one or two. If automobile travel is preferred, we will pay 20ȼ per mile for travel and up to $165 per night for motels. Mileage can be calculated at Distance Calculator.  

Monetized Speakers – Those who can benefit from promotion of products, services, memberships, or subscriptions – are responsible for their own travel and hotel accommodations.

Sponsored Speakers – Those who are Sponsors or Featured Exhibitors or who produce auxiliary events concurrent with Expo – are on the same basis as Monetized Speakers.


Speakers agree to grant non-exclusive audio-video rights to the producers of Red Pill Expo and their communication channels: Red Pill University, Freedom Force International, and Reality Zone. Speakers shall have access to or copies of recordings of their presentations upon request. Copyright of the recordings shall be held by Freedom Force International, but speakers shall be free to use them without restriction.


Speakers agree to participate in at least one media interview for the purpose of promoting their presentation at the Expo. They also agree to use their own communication channels to notify their followers of their participation. They have the option to participate in the Affiliate Marketing Program that generates a commission on tickets sold through their efforts. The commission for speakers is 15% of ticket sales, which is 50% more than the standard commission rate. Our Marketing Coordinator will contact speakers shortly after completion of this form and provide assistance  through the setup process if needed.


Our audiences may be significantly different from those to which you are accustomed. They are international in composition (especially when online presence is considered) and they include people from cultures and faiths that are different from ours. Program content should be consistent with this fact and focus as much as possible on issues of concern to all, regardless of culture, nationality, or religion. Specifically:

When dealing with issues in one country, if possible, please try to present them in context of similar challenges in all countries.

If you wish to express your religious faith, we ask that it be in context of your topic, not a sermon or testimonial. Advocacy or denunciation of a specific religion is off limits.

This is a sensitive issue, so let us be clear. The purpose of this policy is, not to stifle patriotism or spirituality, but to avoid the appearance of exclusion and to foster the feeling of unity among all present, including those from other countries and of other faiths. This is essential if we are serious about forging a global coalition, which is the whole purpose of our endeavor. We are neither a patriotic organization nor a church. We are a movement. We seek to bring together and find solidarity with people of all nations, cultures, races, religions, genders, economic statuses, and lifestyles. Asking them to stand and pledge allegiance to one nation or bow their heads in public prayer pegged to one religious faith closes the door to global solidarity. The only concept on which we can build a broad coalition for liberty is the universal longing to be free of state or institutional control over our personal lives.

One of the principles in The Creed of Freedom (which is the ideological gyroscope of our movement) is that the only justification for coercion against other human beings is the defense of life, liberty, or property. Therefore, we must avoid using the coercion of group pressure, as exists in public gatherings, to compel attendees to pretend to give allegiance or prayer contrary to their conscience. Doing so, not only is an infamous characteristic of collectivism to which we are opposed, it is a barrier to the coalition we seek.


For this same reason, we ask speakers to refrain from praising or criticizing specific political parties and political figures unless doing so is necessary to understanding the topics of their presentations. Many in the audience will have political loyalties or animosities that will cause them to reject your larger message if their hot button is pushed by your smaller message. A politician who looks good today may be revealed tomorrow as the opposite of what we thought. Your presentation will be archived at Red Pill University and, when viewed ten or twenty years from now, today’s enthusiasm for a specific party or politician may be embarrassing.


At Red Pill Expo, enlightenment is pursued by focusing on the merits or demerits of specific issues, not the character, personal life, or group identity of those with different opinions. Therefore, we ask speakers to refrain from ad hominem attacks, especially against others in the coalition. Not only is this the high ground in debate, it also is essential for unity in our ranks.


It is inevitable that our events will attract those with political objectives. Those running for office, circulating petitions, and advocating positions on ballot propositions may want a presence. This is a perfect fit for our coalition so long as it is recognized by everyone that they are part of the coalition at the event, but are not the event itself. This line may be crossed from time to time if a prominent political figure is invited to be a speaker or to receive an award. Even in those cases, however, it is anticipated that their on-stage remarks relate solely to issues and principles, not political parties or candidacy for office. The pursuit of partisan goals is reserved for the exhibit area.


Red Pill Expo has a conduct code that applies to all attendees, staff, and speakers. The following conduct is not allowed: (1) abusive language or activity, (2) physical aggression, (3) drunkenness, (4) sounds that interfere with the comfort or activities of others, (5) signage, recordings, literature, or commentary that denigrates race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, culture, gender, education, economic status, or life style, or (6) engaging in or advocating activity that, in the opinion of the Expo Director, is unethical, immoral, or illegal.

IF YOU HAVE BEEN INVITED TO SPEAK, please provide the following information.