Project Description

Pam is an attorney who left the practice of law to homeschool her children. In 2013 she became the Legislative Liaison for The Education of Christian Homeschoolers of CT – TEACH CT. In 2015 she worked with parental and homeschool rights advocates to form the CT Parental Rights Coalition to respond to the Sandy Hook Commission Report. That same year the Coalition joined with the ACLU, the CT Education Association and others to form the CT Alliance for Privacy in Education to advocate for the passage of the CT Student Data Privacy Act. In 2018, she spoke at an informational forum regarding homeschooling and has testified this year against those portions of the Governor’s Budget Bill that would require in-person registration of homeschoolers. She also has joined Health Choice CT, which promotes parents’ rights in medical decisions for their children. What once PAM appeared to be separate attacks on parental rights can now be traced to one source: the UN.