Project Description

Mark Keith Robinson is a social and political commentator whose main venue is social media. He is a crusader for family values, personal responsibility, and and the right to bear arms for defense against common criminals and state tyranny. In 2018, Mark was catapulted into celebrity status as a result of a video that went viral of him making an impassioned speech before the city council of Greensboro, North Carolina, chastising the Council for considering a ban against a gun show in his city. That speech made him famous for the phrase: “I am the majority.” Since then, Mark has been traveling throughout America speaking on the importance of the US Constitution’s 2nd Amendment, which guarantees the right to bear arms.

Mark Keith Robinson was born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina, is a graduate of Grimsley High School, and is a proud Army veteran. He is the Executive Director of Majority Matters USA, a nonprofit organization he founded in 2018. Mark recently was  appointed to the North Carolina African American Heritage Commission. He and his wife Yolanda will celebrate their 29th wedding anniversary this year (2019). They have two children and a one-year-old grandson. Mark loves all things history, especially as it relates to WWII. He has several hobbies which include model trains, remote-control airplanes, drones and cars.