Project Description

Evan Folds is a regenerative entrepreneur who believes that agriculture is the source AND the solution to essentially every issue that we face. For over 16 years he has worn many hats in the regenerative agriculture space, including retail organic/hydroponic gardening store, a wholesale business that manufactured compost tea equipment, a commercial wheatgrass business, an organic lawn care company, a research vegetable farm, and more.

He now operates a consulting platform called Be Agriculture where he works with gardeners, farmers, and regenerative agriculture companies dedicated to the goal of improving the quality of the food system and bridging the gap between agriculture, health, and the human experience.

Evan was recently elected Supervisor of New Hanover Soil & Water Conservation District, and has had a lifelong interest in learning about and educating people on the wonders of the natural and spiritual world and how these insights influence healthy people, plants, and planet.

He is active performing lectures and workshops for gardening and farming groups all over the world and is a contributing writer for many reputable international gardening publications. He received degrees in biology and religion from UNCW, but is most proud of his two amazing children. He has called Wilmington, NC home for the past 17 years.