Red Pill EXPO is the major annual event of Red Pill University, founded in 2017 to help truth seekers better understand how the world really works – contrary, in many cases, to commonly held illusions. The visionary behind the University is G. Edward Griffin, author of the famous exposé of the Federal Reserve, The Creature from Jekyll Island. The mission of the University and the EXPO is to bring together world-class experts to set the record straight on fake narratives, fake history, and fake news.


At Red Pill Expo, no topics are barred, but we reserve the right to make judgement calls relating to the level of public interest. It would not be sensible to give valuable platform time to presentations on topics that are of little interest to attendees. Highly controversial issues on which emotions run high need special treatment to insure that the process remains factual and dignified. When there is strong public interest in such controversies, we attempt to arrange a debate between recognized advocates of both positions but with agreement that they will not interrupt the other or resort to name calling or ad hominem attacks. Questions relating to possible conflicts of interest are appropriate, but accusations regarding the character of those with opposing views are not tolerated because they violate our Code of Conduct. The outcome must be based entirely on facts related to the topic, not the debaters.


One of the most remarkable features of Red Pill Expo is that it gives voice to a wide variety of viewpoints, which means that agreement on all topics is neither required nor expected. That is a natural consequence of the red-pill theme, which is about discovering truths and dispelling illusions. If we all held the same opinions and closed our minds to contrary information, discovery of new truths would be impossible. As Scottish Baron Thomas Dewar put it: “Minds are like parachutes. They only function when open.”

Most of us have “taken the red pill” at one time or another, which means we have changed our views about something incredibly important in our lives. That could not have happened without access to information that often is said to be controversial. That is why Red Pill Expo does not attempt to avoid controversy or censor any ideas advanced by speakers, exhibitors, or sponsors. However, tolerance and open-mindedness is not the same as acceptance. Please be aware that the views expressed by attendees, exhibitors, or speakers do not necessarily reflect the views of the Expo management. Our job is to provide a platform for alternate views of reality. After that, it is up to each of us to decide based on our own experience and judgment.


Nonconformity of opinion is one thing; bad behavior is another. The Expo has a code of conduct that applies to all who participate. The following conduct is not allowed: (1) abusive language or activity, (2) physical aggression, (3) drunkenness, (4) sounds that interfere with the comfort or activities of others, (5) signage, recordings, literature, or commentary that (a) denigrates someone’s race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, culture, gender, education, economic status, or life style, or (b) promotes the services or products of any person or group that is not a Red Pill exhibitor, sponsor, or speaker. The Expo Chairman will be the judge of whether or not these rules have been followed. Willful and continuing violation will be cause for expulsion. We do not expect any of these issues to arise during the event but, if they do, this policy will apply.

Thank you for attending. Enjoy Learn. Be transformed!

Edward Griffin