The first Red Pill Expo was held in June of 2017 and, in that incredibly short time, it has become internationally recognized as something new and significant among popular movements. It is new because its agenda has never before been attempted. It is significant because the unity it is creating across continents and cultures has the power to change the world.

The theme of these events is “Because you know there is something wrong”. That is based on the meme from the sci-fi movie, The Matrix, in which the challenge to mankind is to “take the red pill”, which will allow humans to dispel the illusions under which they live and see reality in all its spender. Only in reality are we capable of achieving our human potential and finding fulfillment.

Here at Red Pill Expo, you will discover an amazing diversity of viewpoints on what reality is, and you will realize that we do not censor ideas that are different from our own. We can’t discover truth if we assume we already know what truth is in all matters and refuse to listen to contrary views. Just about everything important that I now believe to be true, I considered to be absurd the first time I heard about them. Lies need a censor to protect them from being challenged, but truth always will prevail when there is a free exchange of ideas.

This is one of the things that makes Red Pill Expo, not only different, but outright fascinating. Unlike many events dedicated to a single theme or profession. You will never get to the point where you think you have heard all that before. Instead, you will be on the edge of your seat from one presenter to the next wondering what in the world will be next.

Much more could be said about our unique programming but the best way to understand Red Pill Expo is to explore the pages of this web site. And check back often to see new presenters being added in the weeks ahead. We will have over twenty reality guides, and they will offer red pills that, literally, could change your life.

The event is in Hartford, Connecticut this year – a beautiful place especially in June. It is well worth the trip if you can make it. I realize, however, that most who are reading this will not be able to do so. The next best thing to being there in person is to sign up for the live stream. We are going to great lengths to make sure we can deliver a quality video of every presentation. You will be able to watch the entire two-day event in the comfort of your home, and don’t worry about missing something along the way because, for seven days following the event, you will be able to replay anything and everything on demand.

The live stream cost is unbelievably low, especially considering that you can invite friends and neighbors to your home, feed the signal from the Internet to your TV, and make a Red Pill party out of it!

I’ll be pretty busy at the Expo but, if you are able to attend, please don’t hesitate to just walk up to me and say hello. I am looking forward to meeting you all. If we are going to change the world, we have much work to do, so let’s get acquainted.

G. Edward Griffin
Expo Chairman