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Airline Hesitancy?

The Cure for Airline Hesitancy is Known

We have been bombarded with messages from folks who want to attend the Red Pill Expo in Lafayette on November 6 & 7 but are not willing to comply with airline requirements for proof of vaccination or a recent negative PCR test. Bravo for them! But who says the airlines require these things?

We found that the web sites of two of the three major booking services state that proof of vaccination or a negative antibody test is required for all flights, but none of the airline websites make that claim. Furthermore, we are informed by recent air travelers that the only airline restriction they encountered was that masks were required in airports and on board the aircraft – exactly as has been the case for many months. There is no guarantee that there won’t be a policy change in the next three weeks but, if there is, the effective date likely will be at least 30 days after the announcement date – which will be after the event is over.

Each airport has its own policies for arriving travelers that may also require vaccine passports or antibody tests and even voluntary quarantining under some conditions. Therefore, a trip to and from Lafayette will require a bit of research which, fortunately, is easy on the Internet. Here is a link to a web site that offers an index that shows the policies at every airport in the US. Click here.

Two weeks ago, our staff traveled to Lafayette to visit with the conference center and local hotels to finalize arrangements for the event. At no time did anyone request that masks be worn – including even the big-name hotels. “Please wear mask before entering” signs were not to be seen anywhere.

Because the airlines are losing so many pilots and stewardesses who refuse to take the vax, flights might become hard to book in the next few weeks but, at present, they are available and at amazingly low prices. That will change very soon.

If all of this is too confusing and uncertain, perhaps it is time to be bold and take a few extra days for a cross-country sightseeing trip to see America from the ground for a change – like the good-old-days. That’s what Mrs. Griffin and I are going to do, and we know that the round trip between California and Louisiana will be an enjoyable and memorable experience. Who needs the airlines, anyway?

If traveling to Lafayette is impossible, the live-stream option is for you. You can watch the entire Expo in the comfort of your home as it happens – and also as a replay for two months afterward. The price is low.

In conclusion: If you want to attend the Red Pill Expo in Lafayette but are suffering from airline hesitancy, snap out of it! Don’t let the world pass you by. The truth is out there. Solutions exist. In any contest, the outcome is determined by those who show up!

G. Edward Griffin


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