Program being assembled.    Tickets now available, but low First-Responder prices end on March 31.     There’s nothing like making new friends and meeting speakers in person but, if you cannot attend, be sure to get a ticket for the live stream so you can watch the entire event at home.          

G. Edward Griffin’s update on Red Pill Expo. (Dates mentioned in this video since have been changed to October 10 & 11.)


Speakers summarize their presentations here. Some may be from the last event but will be replaced by speakers at the upcoming event as the program is developed. Updated regularly, so check back often.

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Expo Speakers – Jekyll Island, Georgia – 2020 October 10 & 11

G. Edward Griffin
Author of The Creature from Jekyll Island, founder of Freedom Force, creator of Red Pill Expo. The Creature is Wounded and Dangerous

Robert Kiyosaki, author of world’s best-selling financial-advice book, Rich Dad Poor Dad; real-estate guru, contrarian investor, & gold bug. How to Gain Wealth in Spite of the Fed.

Jon Rappoport, author & investigative reporter exposing deep politics since 1982. Website called NO MORE FAKE NEWS. Topic: Millions will die from the Coronavirus – AGAIN.

Del Bigtree.
TV producer, producer of the movie, Vaxxed, world leader in the Vaccine-Safety movement.
Vaccine Science is Not Even Close to Being Settled *

Donna Fiducia, Former Fox News Anchor. Event MC: Political Weaponization of the News

Alex Newman
Author, journalist, expert on many topics but especially indoctrination masquerading as education.
Behind the Education Mask

Benny Wills, stand-up poet, commentator, philosopher;
co-creator of the YouTube channel, JoyCamp; Notorious for making people think.
Poetry is Dead – and Other Poems

Randy Pinocci
Montana Public Service Commissioner, election campaign strategist.
Stop Complaining and Run for Office

To be announced ……

There’ll be plenty of parking when you get there. Space for RVs, too. Bring the kids. Visit the great beaches and Inland Islands. Lots of history to discover. If not now, when?

If you don’t have your own plane, don’t worry. Rent a car at the airport and use it to do some sightseeing. From the air or the ground, Georgia in June beckons.

No, this is not a speaker.
It’s another truth seeker hoping to take the red pill to deprogram himself at the Expo so he can be free of the dehumanizing control of the Matrix.

* Exclusive message for this conference presented by video.


Where is the event? How to get there? Where to stay? Where to eat? What else to do while you are there?



When will the speakers be on stage? What topics will they address? When are the breaks and Q&A periods?



Who are we? Why are we here? What do we seek to accomplish? How do we intend to do it?


“To oppose corruption in government is the highest obligation of patriotism.” – G. E. Griffin