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G. Edward Griffin’s update on Red Pill Expo

This event now is glorious history. Next one to be announced.

Damn the torpedoes …
… Full speed ahead!


Alex Newman: Coin shortage and infected money is bunk. The goal is a cashless society.

Bradford Weeks, MD: There are many treatments that are safe, effective. and cheap

Patrea Patrick: The Titanic Never Sank – The Greatest Marine-Insurance Fraud in History

Christian Westbrook: Engineered Food Shortage Underway as a Weapon of Political Control

Jon Rappoport: The Cult of COVID – Like all cults, is based on lies and blind faith

Marjory Wildcraft: How to grow your emergency food even in the city

Mikki Willis: How I, as a recovering socialist, came to produce the film, Plandemic


Europe Rising against Pandemic Scam


Cynthia McKinney: Identity Politics is Divide-and-Conquer in Disguise

David Martin, PhD: We Must Stop Technocracy from Driving Our Species to Extinction

Robert Kiyosaki: Last Call for Reality! Dreamers Will Not do Well

Del Bigtree: It’s True – We Are Winning The War Against Forced Vaccinations

Andrew Kaufman, MD: The Pandemic Fraud Runs Much Deeper Than You Think

Kerri Rivera: This woman has helped 1,500 Children Recover from Autism!

Tim Ray: The Sleeping Masses Are Waking up! Here’s How to Speed the Process.

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