The Jekyll Island Expo was a smashing success! Our biggest event so far.          Enlightenment and enthusiasm was over the top.          If you missed it, you still can sign up for the online replay.          Everyone want’s to know when the next one will be held, and folks have requested mid US.          We hope to announce shortly.          How would you like an excuse to visit Mt. Rushmore in May or June?                                     


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G. Edward Griffin’s update on Red Pill Expo

The event on Jekyll Island now is glorious history. In the early stages of preparation for the next event, please be aware that items on this page may apply to the previous Expo.

Damn the torpedoes …
… Full speed ahead!


Times that try men’s souls …



Alex Newman: Coin shortage and infected money is bunk. The goal is a cashless society.


Bradford Weeks, MD: There are many treatments that are safe, effective. and cheap


Patrea Patrick: The Titanic Never Sank – The Greatest Marine-Insurance Fraud in History


Christian Westbrook: Engineered Food Shortage Underway as a Weapon of Political Control


Jon Rappoport: The Cult of COVID – Like all cults, is based on lies and blind faith


Marjory Wildcraft: How to grow your emergency food even in the city



Europe Rising against Pandemic Scam





Cynthia McKinney: Identity Politics is Divide-and-Conquer in Disguise


David Martin, PhD: We Must Stop Technocracy from Driving Our Species to Extinction


Robert Kiyosaki: Last Call for Reality! Dreamers Will Not do Well


Del Bigtree: It’s True – We Are Winning The War Against Forced Vaccinations


Andrew Kaufman, MD: The Pandemic Fraud Runs Much Deeper Than You Think


Kerri Rivera: This woman has helped 1,500 Children Recover from Autism!


Tim Ray: The Sleeping Masses Are Waking up! Here’s How to Speed the Process.


Mikki Willis: How I, as a recovering socialist, came to produce the film, Plandemic



Expo Speakers

G. Edward Griffin Author of The Creature from Jekyll Island, founder of Freedom Force, creator of Red Pill Expo. The Creature is Wounded and Dangerous

David Martin, PhD: Professor, author, and inventor – The battle between humans and transhumans has begun. Not to fight for humanity is an act of species self destruction.

David Icke: Live and interactive from London to answer your questions – ANY questions. David was the man who drew tens of thousands into Trafalgar Square on Aug 29* 

Mikki Willis, tells his story: How a recovering socialist came to produce the documentary, Plandemic, the most banned (and most viewed) Internet film in history

Del Bigtree. TV producer, producer of the movie, Vaxxed, world leader in the Vaccine-Safety movement. The Coming Vaccines Will Save None but Will Injure or Kill Millions

Andrew Kaufman, MD: The Pandemic Fraud Runs Deeper Than You Think. If the public knew that the underlying germ theory is wrong, there would be no vaccine sales!

Bradford Weeks, MD: Hydroxychloroquine and other treatments for COVID-19 (or whatever condition is being called COVID-19) that are safe, effective, and cheap

Alex Newman will explain how fear of an imaginary pandemic creates acceptance of a cashless society, which governments and banks have wanted for decades.

Cynthia McKinney, former Democrat Congresswoman from Georgia, is an equal-opportunity critic of those in both parties and all races who participate in ‘identity politics’

Kerri Rivera fears she will be arrested if she returns to the US, her homeland. Why? She helped 1,500 children recover from autism using a treatment that is safe and cheap.*

Sheriff  Richard Mack, known as America’s Constitutional Sheriff, is mobilizing law-enforcement officers to defend the people against tyranny as well as crime.

Dan Happel,  former member of Montana legislature, Council member of Freedom Force International, Director of Red Pill Expo Jekyll Island, Q&A host.

Jon Rappoport, author & investigative reporter exposing deep politics since 1982. Website called NO MORE FAKE NEWS. Topic: Millions will die from the Coronavirus – AGAIN.*

Tim Ray – Founder of UI Media Network, host of Frequency Wars & Awaken Atlanta will be discussing ‘The Sleeping Masses Finally Are Waking up! Here’s How to Speed the Process’.

Donna Fiducia, Former Fox News Anchor. Event MC: Political Weaponization of the News

Randy Pinocci Montana Public Service Commissioner, election campaign strategist. Stop Complaining and Run for Office

Christian Westbrook, creator of Ice Age Farmer Broadcast, looks deeply at all things food: from permaculture and solar cycles to soil regeneration and dark political agendas.

Marjory Wildcraft, focusing on food production using sustainable, organic methods that can be applied anywhere, even in the city and in apartments with a balcony

There’ll be plenty of parking when you get there. Bring the kids. Visit the great beaches and Inland Islands. Lots of history to discover. If not now, when?

Franklin wrote these words in context of a taxation issue, but they are true regardless of the issue – especially in this age of engineered crises to sell government ‘protection’.

If you don’t have your own plane, don’t worry. Rent a car at the airport and use it to do some sightseeing. From the air or the ground, Georgia beckons.

Voltaire, 1694-1778, was unpopular with the French aristocracy because he challenged the beliefs and illusions that gave them power. This is an example.

No, this is not a speaker. It’s another truth seeker hoping to take the red pill to deprogram himself at the Expo so he can be free of the dehumanizing control of the Matrix.

* Exclusive message for this conference delivered by video.

“To oppose corruption in government is the highest obligation of patriotism.” – G. E. Griffin


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